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Company Overview

Affordable, Effective and Convenient Driving Lessons

RoadSafe Training are driver training specialists. We coach and train Learner drivers, International licence holders,  aged driver assessors, work with Occupational Therapists, rehabilitation driver trainers and we coach driving courses.  we are different from the rest. Some Instructors have completed University qualified driver training courses and Bachelor of education at Griffith University, we are former police, military and teachers. We train driver trainers and driving schools on how better to coach learner drivers. RoadSafe Training’s experience and background is second to none.

RoadSafe Training is NDIS registered and qualified.

RoadSafe Training is part of the University research team participating in road safety research on learner drivers and their lessons.

RoadSafe Training is accredited to teach the free government funded Keys 2 Drive Program

Gold Coast based Roadsafe Training is a family owned and operated business, working with Gold Coast families. At RoadSafe Training we often say that we never work a day in our life. When you are doing what you love and are passionate about it, it’s not considered work. I’ll often say “even if I won Lotto, I would continue to teach people to drive and ride. I would just be able to do it for free. How good would that be!”

RoadSafe Training is setting themselves as the industry benchmark in the driver training industry.  We lead by example and encourage the other driving educators to be better. We are passionate about road safety and believe we can have zero harm on our roads with the right education and the right attitude. Its not about passing a driving test, its about being prepared for the road and understanding the risks of driving and minimising those risks.

We want to make a difference!

We don’t just want to help you achieve your goal of gaining your driving licence, but teaching you a holistic approach to life long driving attitudes and skills that could potentially save your life or others while on the road!

We encourage parents and supervisors to come along to all of our lessons. Our programs are structured to ensure maximum participant involvement. Which maximises the learning experience.

RoadSafe Training trainers know how a car should handle and feel, from engineering to the driving, on any road surface, anywhere around the world. We know the road rules and how they apply to you!

Studies have shown that if you’re having fun while learning, you will retain more information. If you’re having fun, you’re laughing, if you’re laughing, you’re listening, if you’re listening, you’re LEARNING. Have fun and learn.

Safety through FUN, DIVERSE, INFORMATIVE, Road Safe education.

“WOW, driving lessons that are fun & enjoyable and I still learnt stuff” 

Start your Engine

Choosing Safe Drive Driving School will put you on the road to be a better driver.