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RoadSafe Training Driving Instructors

RoadSafe Training  driving instructor backgrounds cover, Military, Police and Bachelor of education.

RoadSafe Training driving instructors know what it is like to be a learner, learning to drive, taking the driving test.

We understand the nerves, the anxiety, the excitement, the long awaited freedom and most importantly the fear of driving alone once you have passed for the first time!

We care about you and your learning, therefore during a lesson, we promise to be:

  • Funny (well we think we are funny)
  • Friendly (always a big smile)
  • Patient (we are here for you)
  • Calming (we want you to enjoy learning)
  • Understanding (we seek to understand you)
  • Personable and Relatable (you learn better when you are comfortable with your trainer)

We are about making you feel comfortable.  If it’s listening to your favourite tunes, chatting or being quiet or discussing which Superhero is best (the Hulk obviously). It’s about the best learning/coaching environment for you, the learner and what helps you to be calm so you learn. Most importantly you are there to learn how to drive safely in all conditions. We will never cancel a lesson cause it is too wet, too dark or too early/late.


When you are having fun, you’re laughing; when you’re laughing, you’re listening; when you’re listening you’re LEARNING.

RoadSafe Training has University Qualified instructors.

RoadSafe Training  is part of the University research team for learner drivers road safety program

We offer male and female instructors.

Automatic or manual cars

The RoadSafe Training team are some of the most highly experienced driver trainers within the industry with real world driver knowledge.

We specialise with students who may have special needs and requirements.

Our instructors have trained the following:

  • Driving Schools and their Instructors (Australian and International Companies)
  • Law Enforcement Agencies (Australian and Foreign Agencies)
  • Government and Military (Australian and Foreign Agencies)
  • Large Corporations and Small Private Business  (Australian and International Oil , Gas and Petroleum, Banking , security and various other Corporations)

Our instructors have been and are still currently part of protection teams in non hostile and hostile environments.

We have looked after:

  • Corporate
  • Celebrities
  • Government Organisations and Officials

Our instructors have extensive backgrounds in Military, Police/Law Enforcement, various International Motorsport Teams as Lead Mechanic/Crew Chief and Race Engineer.

We have driven in hostile environments such as Afghanistan, snowy mountain tops, remote rain forests, trail bike riding  on mountain tops and competed various forms of motorsport.

Want to book your lesson now?

Ready to book your lesson now?

Road Safe Training uses YLOODrive.

Simply click the button below to register and select the time that suits you best – then download the YLOODrive app from the app stores to manage your driving lessons.

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