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Intervention Traffic Offender Program

This highly successful Traffic Offender Intervention program is acknowledged by Queensland and NSW Magistrates. The highly refined Traffic Offender Intervention program  incorporates road rules, safe driving behaviours for attitude adjustment and understanding. RoadSafe Training are the original creators of this program and are fully Qualified Driver Training professionals offering theory, in vehicle and on road safe driver Traffic Offender Intervention training. This course is for Traffic Offenders and  people who are at risk drivers who need to learn the correct behaviours and attitude before becoming a traffic offender.

The Traffic Offender Intervention program  course was Created and Designed by RoadSafe Training and is used by other Driving Schools, here on the Gold Coast and surrounds.

Magistrate Courts and the general community look favourably upon offenders who proactively seek to amend their attitude and the cause of their driving behaviour.  It demonstrates remorse for their offences and a desire to rehabilitate themselves.  RoadSafe Trainings Traffic Offender Intervention Program can help positively influence attitudes and behaviours.

The Road Safe Training Traffic Offender Program has undergone and been assessed by a Queensland Prosecutions officer and deemed an appropriate course promoting safe driving behaviours and focusing on “creating new and enhancing existing initiatives that seek to address the underlying causes of offending behaviour and reduce recidivism”. Further, the Prosecutions Officer considers that our traffic offender course promotes safe driving behaviours and supports the community by delivering these core messages:

  • Defining and applying safe car/driving behaviours.
  • Interpretation and application of low-risk driving strategies.
  • Interpretation and application of Road Rules relating to safe driving.
  • Managing collisions when driving a car.
  • Demonstrating and maintaining a high level of competence in car control

The training is private and comprehensive and has a limit of 4 people. You can book into and start the course immediately, saving you having to wait or complete long courses elsewhere (other courses are spread over some weeks).

RoadSafe Training are specialised trainers and educators on road safety – we tailor the course to your particular offence and needs.

Who is the Intervention Traffic Offender Program for?

Traffic offenders who have received a notice to attend Court or have already had a first appearance in Court. You may also complete our program before your Court appearance.

Anyone looking for a ‘Driving Diversion Program’.  We have many young  L and P Platers attending our courses. Parents send their children to do this course to ensure that their child has the knowledge to increase their safety on our roads.

Types of traffic offences, the traffic offenders program address?

The following offences include car and truck licence holders:

  1. Suspended licences
  2. Disqualified drivers
  3. Driving without a current licence /driving on a suspended licence
  4. Drink or Drug related driving
  5. Unsafe driving
  6. Driving unregistered or uninsured
  7. Type 1 Hooning driving offences such as –  Dangerous driving, careless driving, organising, promoting or taking part in racing and speed trials, willfully starting a motor vehicle in a way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke,  and evading police.
  8. Type 2 Hooning offences including anti-social driving behaviours such as – Street racing, burnouts, loud music in cars, dangerous operation of a vehicle and careless driving. Driving a vehicle that is uninsured and unregistered, driving without a licence or when your licence is suspended. Low, mid or high range drink driving. Driving a modified vehicle that does not comply with vehicle safety standards.
  9. Special Hardship Order applications
  10. Appeal of a licence disqualification
  11. Implications of a traffic accident involvement
  12. Loss of Demerit Points such as Speeding, Operating a mobile phone while driving, SPURS and Parking fines.

Intervention traffic offenders program benefits.

Road Safe Training has designed this program to change lives and to do that we need to change attitudes. We have found that over the years of delivering this program, students gain an understanding and a strong knowledge base about “cause and effects – the ripple effect” related to their driving attitudes and behaviours. We want you to visit the fundamental skills and ethics of driving a vehicle and road etiquette, “ATTITUDE EVOLUTION”.

We offer solutions to effectively reduce the chance of you re-offending.  Our courses are thorough, and we follow international best driving practices relating to road safety, road rules and driving etiquette.

Many drivers can become complacent over the years of driving; Re-educate and restore your values in ATTITUDE, and driving behaviours,

We offer No guarantees with regards to Magistrate sentencing, as each case is considered by the Magistrate taking into account the individual’s history, circumstances, and prior offences along with any proactive programs attended.

As this course is  recognised as a course that promotes safe driving behaviours and supports the community by delivering  core messages,  Magistrates, Lawyers, and Prosecution, may look at  possibly a lighter sentence and, or fine may be received. Typically the cost of any diversion programs is factored into the Fine attributed to your sentence.

Is the program just for alcohol and drug offences?

No, this course is for any traffic offence noted above, if your offence is not listed please contact Road Safe Training and ask.

Can you offer legal advice?

No, we are not legal advisors and cannot provide any legal advice. We suggest that you contact a Solicitor or Legal Aid for any legal advice relating to your matter.

What type of accreditation and experience do your trainers have?

Road Safe Training is the most experienced on the Gold Coast.  We have written this course, which is used by other driving schools and trainers.  We also teach them how to deliver the program. The Road Safe Training instructors have Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport – Car Driving Instruction), Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Blue Cards for working with Children and First Aid. We collectively have more than 50 years of specialist driver and road safety training in cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes from learners to professional drivers. Over the years, we have run on and off road courses, Defensive, and Advanced driving courses and Anti-carjacking and personal protection driving courses both internationally and Australia.

Where can I attend a Traffic Offenders Program?

We operate this course on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW. We can be flexible with the location so as to work for everyone.

Upon successful completion of this Course, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance for “Safe Driving Behaviours Training”.  This is set at the standard as the unit of competency “TLIC3036 Safe drive behaviours”.

Booking the Program

Contact RoadSafe Training, 0418 769 603 or email

Are you an established driving school or driving instructor looking to deliver this course?  We are currently accepting applications to train qualified instructors  and driving schools so this program can be delivered across Australia.  Contact us for further information.

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