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School Road Safety Program

Roadsafe Training provides two driver safety programs for schools. The School Road Safety Program and Pre-Driver Program. Both programs provide students with practical knowledge about vehicle and road safety.  Both programs help students learn safe driving behaviours and awareness on the roads.  Roadsafe training have taught 1000’s of school and school children across QLD, VIC, NSW and overseas.  Teaching the understanding of the physics of driving and how attitudes contribute to Road Safety.

Year 10-11 Pre-driver School Road Safety Program

The Pre-Driver Program is for the Year 10 to 11 age group. It is a practical and in-depth School Road Safety Program. Teaching students about road safety and vehicle dynamics.

Students in year 10 and 11 are at the age where they are planning or obtaining a Queensland Learners Permit.

This course precedes the on-road and in-car learning requirements for obtaining your Learners.  It provides practical knowledge and scientific information of vehicle design and handling ability.

We explain the attitude and skills required for pre-emptive road awareness. As well as the right set-up,  best approaches and philosophy for in-car learning.

Research has shown that by the time adolescents gain their Learners Permit they have already learned poor driving habits from their parents, and people they have been a passenger of since childhood. Unfortunately, bad habits may have already formed.

The average adolescent teenager is excited and eager to gain their Learners Permit. When their motivation to learn is at its peak, we have a captive audience ready to learn safe driving behaviors and attitude awareness. Important attributes before obtaining their license.

Year 7-10 School Road Safety Program

The year 7-10 School Road Safety Program focusses on road safety awareness as a pedestrian, cyclist, and other road users. We concentrate on the cause and effects of a pedestrian’s actions and the consequences. We look at vehicles design and how they handle in situations, stopping distances, etc.

We use fun and exciting activities to show safe reaction times of vehicles, operators, and other road users. Helping to show action and consequences.

We use fun activities to illustrate safe reaction times of both vehicle operators and other road users.  Demonstrating action and consequence outcomes.

This course is relevant as it precedes the on-road and in-car learning requirements for Learners.  It sets them up with practical information and understanding of vehicle design and how to use them in pre-emptive road awareness.  It also sets up the best approaches and philosophy for in-car learning that will follow.

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