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Defensive Driving Course Level 2

The aim of Defensive Driving Course Level 2 is to refresh drivers on the skills obtained in Defensive Driving Level 1.  It dives deeper into the understanding of safe vehicle operation in a fun and safe learning environment.

In this program, we will cover a small amount of theory and focus more on the practical exercises.

The purpose is to challenge yourself and your vehicle in varying conditions, thus giving you a greater understanding of yourself, vehicle limitations and environmental factors you will face on the open road.

Drivers MUST have completed Defensive Driving Level I or equivalent training (evidence required) before conducting Defensive Driving Level II

Defensive Driving Course 2 objectives –

  • On road driver evaluation – Use of the controls including gears (auto & manual), brakes and steering.
  • Selected manoeuvres conducted at higher speeds while in a safe environment.
  • Decision-making process and consequences involved.
  • Slalom and cornering manoeuvres concentrating on vision placement skills, smoothness, balance and vehicle dynamics.
  • Collision avoidance exercises.
  • Wet road driving / Skid Control (Subject to training environment and water restrictions).
  • Revision of vehicle systems, hazard detection, and Proactive driving strategies.

Defensive Driving Vehicles

RoadSafe Training can provide a variety of vehicles, however as a driver, you may feel more comfortable learning in a vehicle that you are already familiar with.

Should you choose to utilise your vehicle, it MUST be registered and road worthy.

Our instructors will conduct a primary vehicle assessment on the day before commencing training to ensure this meets the minimal safety requirements

Drivers may share the same vehicle, however, normal fees apply to each driver.

Participants will need to sign an indemnity before participating in the practical activities.

We also offer a Defensive Driving Level I which will need to be completed before you can start Level II. Contact us today for more information.

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